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The Tai Chi Chuan, also known to western people as Tai Chi, is an exercise with the movements of one's head, eyes, arms, hands, body, legs, and feet done in coordination with one's mind and respiration.  People describe Tai Chi practice as 'flying clouds and flowing streams'.  Phrases like 'exerting strength like pulling silk threads from a cocoon', 'hiding the power as a needle in cotton', and 'concentrating one's spirit inwardly while appearing peaceful outwardly' are also frequently cited.

There are five secrets for Tai Chi practice.  The first secret is the tranquility of the mind.  This tranquility is the basis for concentration and alertness.  Another secret is that the body should always being relaxed and agile.  This results in apparent peacefulness and gracefulness.  Other secrets include gathering the chi to penetrate the entire body, unifying the strength of the whole body, and developing the chi into spirit.

The correct way to master the art of Tai Chi is to begin with the practices of a stationary posture and of some simple repeated exercises.  As a mater of fact, the whole routine of Tai Chi is usually difficult to remember.  It requires years of supervised instruction with a master to become proficient at it.  If one is just learning Tai Chi for health purposes, but not for its value as a martial art, practicing some simple Tai Chi forms repeatedly will be enough for one's physical well-being.  This is the purpose for introducing some of the Tai Chi forms in this site.

The first form in this site, the un-polarized pose, is the essential exercise for mastering the essence of the five secrets mentioned above.  The second form, pressing down, helps you to sink the Chi into Dantian and to build a correct pattern of breathing.  The third, fourth, and fifth forms are exercises for the coordination of mind, sight, and body movement.  When practicing the last three forms one should be aware that the legs are the bases and the waist is the axis.  The mind directs the sight and the hands follow the sight.  The whole body is in constant motion.



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Disclaimer: Consult with your doctor before learning the exercises introduced here.
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