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Plastic Processing and Recycling Machinery

   Plastic Recycling Equipments

   Plastics Processing Machinery from China

  Your partner in China for manufacturing and sourcing Chinese made machinery and mechanical parts. Specialized mainly in plastic products and machinery fabrication. All equipments are build in China and are custom made to the requirements of international customers.


   Extruder Screws

   Lab Extrusion Equipment

   Plastic Extrusion Lines

   Plastic Extrusion Pelletizing Machineries

   Plastic Recycling Machinery

   Screen Changers

   Triple Screw Extruders

   Plastic Extrusion Pipe Tooling

   Plastic Pipe Storage

 Your source in China for components as well as complete plastics extrusion lines for top quality from China but still low price. 

   Baling Press

   PE Pipe Socket Fusion Welding Tool

   Granulator and Shredder Knives

   Vertical Baler

   Scrap Shredder

   Single Shaft Shredder and Two Shaft Shredder

 Your source in China for plastics recycling equipment and spare parts, top quality but still low price.


   Small EPS Foam Compactor

   Large EPS foam Compactor

   Styrofoam Compactor

   EPS Crusher

   EPS Recycling Plant

 Your source in China for PS foam recycling equipments.


   Bottle Shredder

   Bottle Crusher

   Bottle Granulator

 Your source in China plastic bottle recycling equipments.

    Hammer Mill Beater

 Your source in China hammer mill beaters.


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